Prestwich Cricket Club are excited by this involvement in such a brilliant scheme put together by one of our own junior players, Tom Robinson, to assist the not so fortunate people in South Africa who wish to play this great game.

Well done Tom and those who have assisted you including Manchester Grammar School.

Hopefully it will gain great support amongst our cricketing family.

Visit the CriKit website:

“The children who live in the townships have little to no access to cricketing equipment or clothes and so that’s where our help is needed.

In England, I know that most players at almost every age group, replenish their kit as it either becomes too small or slightly obsolete at the start of each season. Some kit gets handed down to younger players, some is stuck in the garage or the attic and some is even taken to the tip.

The young players from the South African township areas would relish the chance to use that kit. My aim, with your help, is to gather this unwanted kit and equipment and transport it to South Africa for distribution.

To make this possible CriKIT has formed a relationship with the Gary Kirsten Foundation who can distribute such kit where it is needed most. The kit will be given on free issue basis with no money involved.

I hope to raise the costs for collection, storage and transportation via sponsorship and/or charitable donations from local companies. If successful we would like to have a shipment ready for transportation in time for the start of the SA season, in early September.”

Tom Robinson