Here are the team’s for this weekend’s matches: 

Please confirm with your team captain that you can play by 9pm on Thursday 2nd August.

Woodhouses (Home)
Saturday 4th August meet 11:45am
Scorer: Karl West

S Holden (Captain)
J Wharmby (Wk)
R Stanbury
H Aziz
Alex Taylor
T Scott
L Dale
N Bailey
T Gibson
A Bradley
M Walters (Pro)

Shaw 1XI (Away)
Saturday 4th August meet 11.15am
Scorer: Nick Coleman

P Lorenzini (Captain)
D Kane (Wk)
Adam Taylor
L Smith
J Doyle
N Carter
L Jarvis
Q Memon
J Murphy
M Cuthbert
L Prescott

Darcy Lever (Home)
Sunday 5th August meet 1.00pm
Scorer: Nick Coleman

M Mangnall (Captain)
M Rodgers (wk)
K West
J Ahern
L Barrow
A Quigley
L Hunt
F Wood
J Cheetham
S Shah
K Lester