It’s the 1st teams final game of the season as they take on undefeated Clifton at The Heys on Saturday whilst the 2’s travel to take on Thornham 1XI. The 3’s are at home to Egerton on Sunday. Bar open both days with all relevant Covid restrictions in place.

Here are the line ups:

Clifton (Home – League)
Saturday 19th September meet 11.15am (12.30pm start)
Scorer: T Orrell

D Pawson (Captain)
H Aziz (Wk)
M Walters
T Gibson
R Stanbury
C Mapstone
L Prescott
N Bailey
T Scott
D Ahern
U Khaliq

Thornham (Away – League)
Saturday 19th September meet 11.00am (12.30pm start)
Scorer: S Stayley

P Lorenzini (Captain)
D Kane (Wk)
N Carter
D Montgomery
G Neil
Adam Taylor
U Arif
M Korab
M Cuthbert
Alex Taylor
H Ashfaq

Egerton (Home – League)
Sunday 20th September meet 11:30am (12.30pm start)
Scorer: N Coleman

A Arif (Captain)
M Korab (Wk)
M Arif
S Harding
D Eckersley
S Regan
U Khaliq
J Ahern
M Eaves
F Lester
L Prescott