Brian is currently residing in hospital suffering from a debilitating illness.

Most of you will be aware of the work and money raised by Brian as a volunteer for PCTBC over many years. The club he loves and cherishes.

Brian is a taxi driver and of course has for the time being lost his source of income.

The Bowling Section are holding an event on Sunday 9th September in the memory of Harry Blake who we sadly lost late last year. This annual event raises money for charity but this year they have decided that the monies raised will go to support Brian’s family, something I know Harry would have been very proud of.

Brian is well known locally for his work in coaching hundreds of kids at both cricket and football over many years and in particular at PCTBC. Our club survives on the work of its volunteers and Brian is a quite wonderful example to us all.

I am asking for your support, either the event or by personally donating to a collection being held by the Club. You can donate across the bar or to any committee member.

PCTBC – supporting its own family.