Chairmans report for the 2018-19 AGM

by | Sunday January 19th 2020 | Bowling, Club, Cricket, Football, Tennis

The Club continues to progress positively and develop in line with our ongoing vision for the future.

With this in mind the possible sale of the garage facilities at our entrance could provide the club with a once in a lifetime opportunity to improve our commercial and overall image. The sale is reaching its climax and we await news hopefully by the end of this month.

I must again remind members of the work done by our wonderful volunteers across all sections which allows us to develop our club in line with the demands of a 2020 world. Without this level of support we would not be able to offer sporting opportunities to the current and future generations at such a low cost.

If you want to join the volunteer team please come forward and contact one of the committee. We need your help.

Our current future plans include extending the clubhouse and developing options for using the attached playing fields on Grimshaws. Getting a workable lease on Grimshaws playing fields is key but will be extremely difficult to secure on a basis that satisfies both our requirements and budgets and without putting ourselves at unnecessary risk!

A successful outcome for us would allow us to develop options for the Football section as well as providing additional car parking for the club. That could also prove beneficial for the Tennis section as well as we would seek to include planning to improve or replace Swallow Lodge.

To push these schemes forward we need to increase our finance base over the next few years and we are again putting a team together to tackle future business planning.

In terms of finance Heather has put together her report but I would add again my annual sales pitch for our very successful monthly draw at £4 per month. Please consider joining this monthly draw.

Finally, returning to the volunteers theme, I want to take this opportunity to welcome both Paul Jepson and Simon Boyle to our bar management and finance team and also thank Sam Nelson for his work during the year and Steve Dixon who continues to work on our bar cellar operations.

Brian Lorenzini
Chairman of PCTBC
January 2020