Name: Brian Lorenzini

Nickname: Lozenge

Current or past player: Considerably past player

What sparked your interest in cricket: My Uncle got me interested in playing. MCC Coach.

Do you prefer the T20, 50-over, county or Test format of the game: Test but played quicker than present, over rate is embarrassing.

Cricketing hero: Clive Hubert Lloyd

Favourite current (professional) player: Ben Stokes

Most admired/best player you have played with: Mark Whelan, great player with a very simple batting strategy

Most formidable opponent: Bernard Dean

Favourite away ground: Easy……Glossop, great ground and lots of friends

Personal highlight/champagne moment: Watching both my sons as captains, and, winning many major trophies for PCC

Best way to relax after the game: Socialise in the bar.

What will you miss most in cricket during this enforced break: Working on the ground and moaning about players throwing their wickets away

Is there anything you’d change about the game: More respect for umpires, my all-time favourite being Mr Needham

If you could invite 3 cricketing celebrities (players, presenters, commentators) round for dinner, who would they be: Gooch, Key, and Ponting.