Winning 4 cup finals in successive years

by | Thursday April 30th 2020 | Cricket, The Vault

Name: Peter Hey (pictured holding the cup)

Nickname: Skip, to some.

Current or past player: Past player, from U18s in the ’70s, only one under age team then, until 2005.

What sparked your interest in cricket:
Watching on TV from an early age, and my Dad would take me alternate weeks to Stand and Prestwich. Lorenzini and Hinchliffe were the household names then (well on Heys Road anyway)

Do you prefer the T-20, 50-over, county or Test format of the game: Test cricket, without a doubt. Do enjoy watching England or Lancs in other forms though.

Cricketing hero: Clive Lloyd. When he came out to bat at Old Trafford when I was a youngster, the atmosphere was special.

Favourite current (professional) player: Jos Buttler, keeping it at Lancs.

Most admired/best player you have played with:
Dave Sandiford, whose knowledge of the game was invaluable to me as vice captain when I skippered 2XI.
Having played and watched though for the last 50 years I’ll name my Prestwich XI being:- Paul Gethin, Carl Hey, Mark Whelan (pro), Tim Orrell, Ken Morgan, Brian Lorenzini (capt), Ryan Stanbury, Bob Hinchliffe, Chris Humphreys, Bill Taylor (w/k), Andy Bradley. 12th man Steve Orrell.
I think the current side though are one of the best sides we have had and the likes of Sam Holden, James Wharmby and others can go on and create their own history.

Most formidable opponent: Don’t want to think about it! Nobody particularly stands out above others.

Favourite away ground: Stalybridge, one place I usually scored runs, and used to love the derby games at Stand. Nowhere better than Prestwich though.

Favourite/most memorable match you’ve played in:
All the Hulme Trophy finals, though particularly at Woodbank when AJ Taylor played the best innings I’ve seen at that level. Also at Woodhouses on a day when we comfortably beat the team who had won the league.

Personal highlight/champagne moment:
Winning 5 Hulme Trophy finals, first one in 1984, and then 4 on the run, 2002-2005. Also scoring 132 at Newton Heath in 1987.

Funniest moment/s in circket:
One came after a cup final at Prestwich, when a few pints later, we did a lap of honour wearing just our protective equipment. It certainly emptied the bar area! Had many laughs over the years though and made friends and played with some great people. It’s always easier to remember the most recent years and couldn’t fail to have funny moments with the likes of Pete Lorenzini, Matty Walsh, Fordy, John Walters, Jamie, and others.

Best way to relax after the game: Nothing better than winning a good game of cricket and then having a few beers at Prestwich on a Saturday night.

Do/did you have any cricketing superstitions: None really, other than try and do things the same if we were winning matches.

What will you miss most in cricket during this enforced break: These days missing watching on a Saturday afternoon especially the side we have. I feel for the guys who are losing out on a fair chunk of their cricketing lives.

Is there anything you’d change about the game: In pro cricket there should be at least 100 overs in a day for the paying public to enjoy.

If you could invite 3 cricketing celebrities (players, presenters, commentators) round for dinner, who would they be, and why: Clive Lloyd, Gary Sobers, and Farouk Engineer (ex Lancs for those too young to remember).