Today marks the 75th anniversary of VE Day, where the shackles of war in Europe were finally shed, peace broke out, and life could slowly be pieced back together.
The club was ready to share in this celebration – and would have been buzzing today with events for all our members.
Sadly it cannot take place.
So, here is a VErse of reflection as we similarly yearn for a time when life can return to some form of normality.


Looking out from the clubhouse from its splendid veranda,
Is there anywhere around with a sight any grander.
The field stands deserted, the grass barely trodden
The nets are vacant, all carpeted and modern.
The things we miss.

The silence is eerie, no chairman on his mower.
No Boyley on the courts, life could not get any slower.
Where are the umpires, ringing the starting bell.
Where’s Nick with his food, that wonderful smell.
The things we miss.

To hear the flagpole flapping furiously, with its annoying clink
That wishful comment from the bowling green: “I’m one in, I think”
No orchestrated cats chorus for an l.b.w. shout
No agreement of the umpire, no finger extended out.
The things we miss.

Opening up the scorebox with the slam of the shutter
The vision of Hammer, bin bag in hand, collecting the clutter,
The thwack of a tennis ball pinging off the racket
The joy of Stanbury’s approach: “just go out and smack it”
The things we miss.

The revving up of the roller permeating from Copey’s shed
It’s usually all action at the interval, just ask Brian, Bob and Ted.
The laughter, the banter, from the pavilion standing tall.
The togetherness and spirit shared by one and all.
The things we miss.

The clash of bowls, the well-judged curve.
The disputed line call, the ill-timed serve.
The sudden volley of young voices on the all-weather courts
They’re with Paul, the pied piper, passing on his thoughts.

The ground packed full of juniors on a Friday night.
Batting and bowling to their sheer delight,
Saturday morning and the same throng of youthful chatter
Beyond those farside trees, scoring goals is the only real matter.
The things we miss.

The crouched posture of the bowlers looking for some bend
They can now stand up straight as they’re really at a loose end
No red cards for the footballers, but still they were suspended.
Boots hung up in March is not how it should have ended.
The things we miss.

Distant tannoy messages of the tram station announcer.
Oohs from the crowd at a throat-tickling bouncer.
The curse of the mis-hit smash which lands on the cricket pitch
The harsh thud of the bowl as it crashes into the ditch.
The things we miss.

But there is a bigger picture: the lives that have been lost.
We stand silent in respect, and reflect on the human cost.
So these things we miss – must be put into perspective
They can be revived – so where is the negative.

Let’s look forward to the day when lockdown is past.
Frustrating that we don’t know how long it will last.
But until then let’s conform, stay at home and sit tight.
The things we miss – will come back when it’s right.