In light of the announcement we recently shared from the ECB the off field net facility will re-open this Sunday 17th May at 10am.

We want members to enjoy using the facility however health and safety is our main priority therefore there will be a number of rules that MUST be adhered to and if they are not then we will have no option but to close the facility down again.

The Club will monitor this on a daily basis to make sure the following rules are being applied:

  • You can ONLY net practise with members of your household OR with ONE other person from outside your household whilst keeping two metres apart at all times. You must only net practise in groups of no more than two people, unless you are exclusively with members of your household.
  • Social distancing of at least two metres must be maintained at all times (unless all participants are members of the same household).
  • If any club coach wishes to coach this can only be one-to-one coaching per session. Safeguarding best practise must be followed, this means that if it’s with a child who’s parent is not present the coach must be a qualified DBS checked coach.
  • Only one net lane can be used at a time not simultaneously, to ensure this happens one lane will be taped off.
  • Please only touch the stumps whilst you have your batting gloves on.
  • You must be a PCC member to use the net (2019 season is fine as 2020 cricket membership requirements not yet chased due to Covid 19).
  • Please vacate the net area 10 minutes before the end of your pre-booked session to ensure no crossover with the next group.
  • You MUST pre-book the cricket net online prior to arrival, this is to avoid more than one household or group of two people congregating at the nets at once. Below is the link to the booking page.

How To Book
You will notice this is aligned to the tennis sections’ booking system, you MUST NOT book a tennis court unless you are a member of the tennis section.

On the right hand side you will see the column for the Cricket Net, click on the date and time you want, they are in 1 hour slots. You will then need to ‘sign in’ you can login using facebook/google/Microsoft login details, I have just booked one using Microsoft log in details and it was easy to do and after the first time you won’t need to do it again. Failing that you can register for a clubspark account which they can do on the ‘sign in’ page.

There are limitations on the number of bookings people can make per email address, you can only book twice in 7 days on one email address. However this is just a system limitation not a club rule so you can book as many sessions as you want by using different email addresses or if you were going to come and practice with a mate, you could have 4 hours per week as you’d both have two hours to book each week.

In the unlikely even you want to book more hours per week than the system is allowing you to or if you have any other online booking queries ring or text Pete Lorenzini on 07729 016 945 and we can sort it.

Thanks in advance for your patience and adhering to the rules.