Today, we are featuring the next practical step to scoring a cricket game.

On May 5, we posted details of how you can learn the basics of scoring with a free online course.

The following link gives a 20-minute tutorial on how a game is scored using the CricHQ system, which is the scoring mechanism used by Prestwich and all other clubs in the GMCL.

It gives an excellent idea of how it operates during an actual game, and like most things technical, is quite easy to pick up once it has been put into practice a few times.

To access the demonstration, follow the link (which can be copy and pasted)
This should bring up a list. Click on “So much fun scoring with CricHQ user training….-YouTube.”

The pitch map (showing where the bowler has landed the ball) and wagon wheel (showing where the batsman has hit the ball) are additional elements on the scoring app, and are not essential to the basic scoring of the game. Scorers often learn to use them once they have gained some experience.

As a reminder, the ECB basic scoring online course, for those aged 13 and over, can be accessed via