Following the latest ECB update, the GMCL have released a statement about their preparations to start the season, in a shortened format, if club cricket is given the go-ahead at any stage in the coming weeks.

The full statement can be viewed on the GMCL (Greater Manchester Cricket League) website and Prestwich CC has given its support to any moves to ‘get the game on’.

Here are the salient points from the GMCL Board statement:

“If cricket is allowed to restart,

We expect that the game will be adapted to meet government health restrictions.
We will look at extending the normal season dates, if all agree but we understand that some grounds may not be available for the later dates in the competition; we will do our best to accommodate this or create normal fewer week competitions for those who want to end in the 2nd week of September.
We will create locally based groups of an appropriate number of teams to fill the weeks available with relatively comparable abilities. This would include Saturday and Sunday Senior fixtures and Junior cricket. No club will be penalised should they not wish to play
The playing conditions will be determined by the start of cricket date and the number of clubs electing to take part.
The Board has agreed that the new cricHQ registration process will continue without any fee for this season

The Board have developed a number of competition structures, which vary dependant on the start date but for the purposes of planning we are hoping for a recommencement of cricket on Saturday the 25th July 2020, which would provide for a 10 week season playing up to and including the 26th September.

Once we receive information from the ECB on the date for re-start, we will come back to you with detailed competition plans,

It is accepted that clubs may wish to know the proposed ECB adaptions and conditions for playing the game including clubhouse and ground arrangements etc. before committing to take part in any competition.”