The clubhouse has been closed immediately and will stay closed until the evening of the Thursday 10th Sept.

One of our bar staff has tested positive for Coronavirus and most of the other staff are being tested but must remain automatically isolated for 14 days whatever the result of the tests. Sadly, in the current circumstances it was almost inevitable that this would happen when you consider the size of the Club.

All cricket matches have been cancelled until the 12th Sept when hopefully they will resume. Other activities like tennis and bowling will continue and junior and senior football will be unaffected.

The clubhouse will be deep cleaned regularly during the lockdown and of course our best wishes go to all our staff in this difficult period.

When we reopen, and, for at least that weekend, we will be looking for volunteers to run the bar. Anybody capable of helping during that period please contact either myself or Paul Jepson.

Brian Lorenzini
Chairman PCTBC