In line with yesterday’s announcement these will be our Winter opening hours starting Sunday 27th Sept.

Waiter Service will be provided. Social distancing rules announced last week are included. When entering the club you will have two options, either sign in as normal or scan a NHS QR code for the test and trace app.

Another change will that you will have to wear a mask when entering the club or moving within the club but obviously this will not be required when you are sat down.

Tuesday amd Wednesday – Closed except for major City or Utd matches.

Monday, Thursday and Friday – Open at 6:30pm, last orders 9:30pm until 9:40pm and close at 10:00pm.

Saturday – Open at 4pm and last orders at 8:30pm until 8:40pm and close at 9pm.

Sunday – Open at 3pm and last orders at 6:30pm until 6:40pm and close at 7pm.

These times can and will be amended when we have major football games and will include member’s offers at the bar. They will be announced on our social media platforms.