This is an advert from one of our local sponsors. When I first saw it I could only think about 50% of our club could qualify against the criteria.

When the club returns to normal I will invite reps from Prestwich Pharmacy to do a Q&A on this suggested approach to the common problems.

Do you know anyone with longstanding hip pain, back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis or shin splints? Then this event is for you..

We take a Harley Street approaches to the management of lower limb pain. One of our cutting edge approaches is the manipulation of tissue in the body called fascia. Watching the science of fascia work at times feels like magic. We treat:

· Shoulder pain
· Arm pain
· Lower back pain
· Hip pain
· Knee pain
· Foot pain

Our session will introduce you to the world of fascia and show you the impact it has had on people with longstanding painful problems in the leg and back.