The club is on the lookout for new scorers.

The cricket section has a small but dedicated pool of scorers for our senior teams, and requires more people to help out, especially as we are running a 4th team this season.

League matches are scheduled to start from the weekend of April 17, and scorers for our senior teams receive a £20 payment per game. Anybody interested or with further questions can contact Peter Lorenzini on 07729 016945.

We are also encouraging parents of junior team players to get involved with scoring their matches, to assist team managers.

Scoring is undertaken using the CricHQ app. To learn how to score using this system, there is a 20-minute tutorial on Youtube using the following link:

This should bring up the demonstration under the title: “So much fun scoring with CricHQ training user video”.

It shows how to locate the match you are scoring and the basics of scoring the game.

There are additional elements to the app, such as the pitch map (showing where the bowler has landed the ball) and wagon wheel (showing where the batsman has hit the ball) which are not essential to the basic scoring, but scorers often learn to use them once they have gained some experience.

If you are interested, have a look at the CricHQ demonstration.