We have the return of cricket at Prestwich this Saturday when we welcome Denton 1st XI to play our 2nd XI, wickets are pitched at 12:30pm.

We now have permission for our members to enjoy the external bar and watch the cricket. This comes at the end of serious discussions with the ECB and the local licencing authority. What we must do is social distance at all times and use the seating both on the patio and where placed on the edge of the ground. Members are asked not to walk or parade around the ground with drinks as will lead to issues with the authorities. The rule of 6 must be observed at all times.

Clearly we want our members to enjoy the game and at the same time use our facilities. The clubhouse will be closed but you are allowed entry to use the toilets, however, we would ask that you wear masks whilst inside the clubhouse.

There will be two staff on duty operating the bar but we ask that you respect the situation should there be any delays.

Most of you will be aware that the bar has been operating on the patio since Monday without any real issues.

Enjoy, but stay safe and respect the COVID regulations.