Learn to become a cricket coach for free

by | Sep 4, 2021 | Cricket

Our junior cricket section is thriving more than ever. Thanks to the commitment, dedication and hard work of our volunteer coaches and team managers, the club has continued to provide excellent training and tuition to youngsters throughout the summer, helping them to learn the skills and enjoy the game.

As a result, and thanks to an expansion in the number of senior teams, a record number of juniors have made the step into adult cricket to play regularly this season.

To continue to develop our juniors, we are looking to expand our coaching team and are seeking more volunteer coaches, whether they are current players, former players or parents.

Candidates will be signed up to the most appropriate coaching course, which is endorsed by the English Cricket Board, and will be held during the winter and spring months.

The club will pay the course fee. In return, we ask for a commitment to coach juniors on Friday nights, between April and August, and if possible, become involved in the running of a junior team.

Anyone interested in becoming a coach, can contact Head Coach Steve Orrell via his email address: srorrell@hotmail.co.uk or call cricket chairman Brian Lorenzini on 07850 947534.

Thank you.