Stanbury ends on a high

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Cricket

This weekend will go down in the records at Prestwich as probably the best ever. We have won doubles before but never at this level. However, the club is saddened by Ryan’s announcement of his retirement from the game.

My thoughts in a few words. When I interviewed him for the job as Professional all those years ago, I asked him the key question and he answered he was a United fan. Some might say not the right answer but he managed to overcome it and become a total icon at Prestwich.

Those who know me very well know I stand for the discipline of the game, something I mention to my players all the time. Ryan stands out as a great all round player but a true sport! Just read the messages from Umpires who recognise the way he played the beautiful game.

Every time he went into bat the bars emptied and the kids stopped playing in the nets. They all knew what could happen and invariably it did. We all love him and always will. He is a credit to the game, his family, his beloved South Africa and indeed here at Prestwich where he is regarded as a very special lad.

Personally I hope he plays again, after what he describes as a good rest from the game he has played since he was 8. I hope Stand Golf Club realise they will need to extend their longer holes by some distance.

What a way to retire, nobody wondering about his ability and to participate in a great team. SPECIAL!!

All the best for the future Ryan, whatever you do it will be very special.