Team selection for this weekend’s four senior games

by | Wednesday April 27th 2022 | Cricket

Here’s how teams line up this weekend. The 2nd team are at home to Worsley on Saturday, whilst the 4th team are at home on Sunday. Bar open both days.

Egerton (Away)
Saturday 30th April meet 10.45am (12.30pm start)
Scorer: S Staley

J Wharmby (Captain)
D Pawson (WK)
T Gibson
H Aziz
N Bailey
D Ahern
A Bradley
S Holden
R Maddock
Alex Taylor
Sub Pro

Worsley (Home)
Saturday 30th April meet 11.15am (12.30pm start)
Scorer: G Neill

S Lorenzini (Captain)
D Kane (WK)
S Ritchie
M Hudson
Q Memon
M Cuthbert
N Carter
A Cheshire
A Roy
C Jackson
L Smith

Royton (
Sunday 1st May meet 12.30pm (2.00pm start)
Scorer: N Flegg

P Lorenzini (Captain)
T Ward (WK)
T Orrell
K West
C Nuttall
K Noori
E Compton
A Sherazi
M Forbes
M Korab
Adam Taylor

Darcy Lever (Home)
Sunday 1st May meet 1.00pm (2.00pm start)
Scorer: S Khan

P Staley (Captain)
S Regan (WK)
C Jackson
B Pinkus
S Staley
M Regan
F Lester
A Mullen
S Jackson
T Hatchett
D Hunt

No game this weekend.