Team Selection for this Weekend’s Senior Cricket

by | Friday July 29th 2022 | Cricket

Here’s how our teams line up this weekend. The 1st team are at home on Saturday and the 3rd team at home on Sunday. The 2nd team are in T20 finals day at Flixton CC on Sunday too.

Denton West (Home)
Saturday 30th July meet 11.15am (12 30pm start)
Scorer: S Staley

J Wharmby (Captain)
D Pawson (WK)
S Holden
T Gibson
N Bailey
Alex Taylor
A Bradley
M Hudson
R Maddock
A Roy
S Chauhan

United Stars (Away @ Daisy Hill CC))
Saturday 30th July meet 11.00am (12.30pm start)
Scorer: T Hatchett

H Aziz (Captain)
D Kane (WK)
U Khaliq
J Doyle
M Cuthbert
U Arif
J Murphy
A Cheshire
C Jackson
L Smith
T Orrell

Patriots (2XI)
T20 Finals Day  @ Flixton CC
Sunday 31st July meet 11.00am (our semi final starts 1pm)
Scorer: N Flegg

D Kane (Captain)
D Ahern (WK)
U Khaliq
J Doyle
M Cuthbert
J OBrien
A Roy
A Cheshire
C Jackson
K West
H Aziz

Westhoughton (Home)
Sunday 31st July meet 12.45am (2.00pm start)
Scorer: N Coleman

P Lorenzini (Captain)
S Regan (WK)
A Arif
J Flynn
T Orrell
S Ritchie
M Arif
U Arif
A Sherazi
M Eaves
Adam Taylor

Astley & Tyldesley (Away)
Sunday 31st July meet 1.00pm @ A&T (2.00pm start)
Scorer: S Khan

P Staley (Captain)
O Adams (WK)
A Sajjid
A Beet
J Oryakhail
R Hatchett
A Khaliq
S Jackson
G Hershcovitz
S Staley
T Hatchett

No Game This Weekend