AGM Reports

by | Sunday January 15th 2023 | Club

Read the AGM Reports from our Chairman and Treasurer.

Chairman’s Report
This year I am delighted to report another successful year for the club and at the same time confirming our long-term sustainability plans. Amazingly we spent over £164k nett of VAT on our facilities, with £79k recovered from various grants.

Every year I bang on about the volunteers that cover all the disciplines required to push our club forward and I want to highlight them again. I will start with Gill who put together our grant with Viridor Credits that brought in over £50k. Alan’s quality work on the design of the Pergola / Cellar Extension / Tennis Protection nets and the replacement Swallow lodge. Mike Robinson for his work on the stability and improvement works to the patio. Damon for his work on the Grimshaw’s scheme including the grant application that brought in over £20k. Tony Fitzmaurice for his legal support during the complex 4-year negotiations with the company that will develop the ‘Shanty Town’ entrance and include a new road access for the club, with no legal costs to the club! You will not be surprised to hear of ‘Bents’ contribution across all the projects and Daz’s work on the electrics.

Looking ahead at the future, we are facing an energy bomb. The club enjoys a quality rate for Gas which does not expire until July 2025, however, our excellent Electricity rate expires in July 2023 with the new agreement meaning an increase of three times the current level (£1.8k per month). The next project has started examining all aspects of our energy spend and has already highlighted three key areas where we can seriously impact our carbon footprint, more Solar panels providing greater datetime coverage, cellar cooling and Led Lights on the Tennis / Bowling Floodlights. This will again involve a massive capital spend which of course we are trying to partially negate by further grants or loans. It never stops but the team are already working on the areas already identified.

All our sections are active and successful, and their individual reports will be available at the AGM.

Brian Lorenzini
January 2023


Treasurer’s Report
Having assessed the accounts with Moore Stephen’s, Brian, and the management committee I am happy to propose them for acceptance at the AGM on Sunday 15th January,2023.

I will start my report again by highlighting the fantastic work done by Anne Orrell and Linda Lorenzini. Their management of our books and VAT has provided many advantages in terms of cash-flow for the club. Not sure members are aware of the commitment and time they spend on these activities. Linda is still training on Anne’s previous role. This and my own role are key to how we manage the massive movement of money ensuring compliance with the regulatory authorities. This year has been particularly difficult when you consider the club’s massive capital spend of £164k nett of VAT. Brian will highlight the issues that exist in the area of Partial Exemption at the AGM. Very complex.

Bar profit in terms of percentage return on purchases shows a 58.3% return and, in addition to Membership Fees, is the mainstay of the club, I would also highlight the fact that we absorbed one complete Brewery price increase in November of 3.5%. Starting again in April we will examine ways to use our membership cards through our computerised EPOS tills to the benefit of the club and its members. This year we have brought in new rules covering the use of Cards rather than cash on the bar. This has been a success with over a 90% compliance. This is a benefit to our security and hopefully future insurance costs.

Our year end and indeed our current cash balance is healthy and evidence how well the club is performing against massive external pressures. Brian will expand on last year’s capital spend and the pressures coming to bear on our running costs going forward.

I know Brian has highlighted the wonderful support we get from our volunteers, and I would like to add our thanks to Simon who does daily till checks and pulls together all our insurance cover requirements. Thanks to Graham who provides all our weekly cashflow spreadsheets and finally Alan Michaelovitz who manages all aspects of our broadband operational requirements.

The popular 250 club has made another £4k for the club, whilst paying out ca £4800. We need more members, can you help? £4 per month is the total cost.

The level of support from our sponsors is magnificent and year on year has increased again. Thank you for your wonderful support.

Heather Wharton
January 2023