Weekend Cricket Teams

by | Wednesday April 19th 2023 | Cricket

The first and second teams begin their league campaigns this weekend, as all five of our senior sides are in action. The 2nds are at home on Saturday and the 3rds on Sunday. Bar Open, all welcome.

Denton West 1XI (Away)
Saturday 22nd April meet 10.45am (12.30pm start)
Scorer: Sami Khan

J Wharmby (Captain)
S Els (WK)
N Bailey
Andy Bradley
T Gibson
A Raza
L Smith
Alex Bradley
R Maddock
H Aziz
N Gangta (Pro)

Denton West 2XI (Home)
Saturday 22nd April meet 11.15am (12.30pm start)
Scorer: Nathan Flegg

S Lorenzini (Captain)
D Kane (WK)
T Orrell
U Khaliq
A Beet
S Flegg
A Cheshire
W Reeve
C Jackson
S Staley
E Compton

Greenfield 3XI (Home)
Sunday 23rd April meet 12.45pm (2.00pm start)
Scorer: Nathan Flegg

P Lorenzini (Captain)
S Regan (WK)
L Potts
F Lester
A Khaliq
E Compton
K Noori
G Neill
A Sherazi
S Ritchie
A Taylor

Mottram (Away)
Sunday 23rd April meet 1.15pm @ Mottram (2.00pm start)
Scorer: Sam Staley

P Staley (Captain)
J Fisher (WK)
L Michaelovitz
R Hatchett
B Pinkus
M Eaves
D Hunt
T Hatchett
A Sajid
A Arif
J Mercer

Todmorden (Away)
Saturday 22nd April meet 11.45pm
Scorer: TBC

R Hatchett (Captain)
M Sworder (WK)
A Arif
H Sajid
T Compton
S Khan
R Thompson
M Orrell
K Taklimi
T Kumar
A Sajid